PB Chia Pudding


Dare you to think of a better combination!

Chia seeds are an amazing source of soluable fibre which helps keep you regular, feeling full AND feeds the bacteria in your gut! Plus full of protein, calcium, iron & omega 3 fatty acids. Chia pudding are so versitile. Enjoy them for brekky, as a snack or even an after dinner sweet treat!

Serves 4
½ cup chia seeds
Few drops of drops pure liquid stevia (optional)
2 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 - 3 tbsp of peanut butter

Add the chia seeds, sweetener and almond milk to jars and stir.
Place in the fridge to set. It’s ready to go in just about 30 minutes, but you could leave it overnight if you want.

Remove from fridge, top off with some fresh banana and a scoop of coconut yogurt.

Image source: @pinterest

PB Green Smoothie


PB Vanilla Green Smoothie from the veggie queen herself (me hehe)! The best part of this smoothie is that it is packed full of green goodness so not one will ever tell it's stuffed full of veggies!!

1/2 cup almond milk (a clean one is @pureharvest, you can buy from @woolworths-au)
Handful of spinach
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen zucchini
1 heaped tsp natural peanut butter
1 tsp almond meal
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla powder OR quality extract
Pinch of sea salt
1 serving vanilla protein powder (I use @paleoproproducts which is egg white)
1 serving collagen (I use @greatlakesgelatin)
1/2 tsp greens powder (I use All in One by @vitalgreens)

Combine all of the ingredients in blender and blitz until smooth. Top with any of your fave crunch and enjoy!

Do you like green smoothies? What's your fave flavour?

Peanut Butter Slice

pb slice.jpg

1 cup fresh medjool dates, pip removed
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup almonds
½ cup sunflower seeds
½ cup pepitas
¼ cup quality vanilla protein
½ cup cacao
1 tbs coconut oil, melted
1 tbs water or more if too try (add very slowly as you don't want it too wet)

Grind nuts and seeds in food processor, and add dates a few at a time. Add remaining ingredients.
Press into lined loaf tin and put in fridge or freezer until ready to use.