What if you knew it was easy to be the best version of YOU?

No doubt. No uncertainty. Just 100% belief that you're going to show up as the very best version of you - with the awesome side effects of being truly happy, healthy and just feeling downright amazing. 

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Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Super low with the littlest things setting you off? I have been where you are and it feels awful. There is another way. Let's get you finally feeling good.

How to Get Your Energy Back

How To Rebalance Your Gut

Bloated? Stools too soft or too hard? Embarrassing gas, diarrhea, constipation, burning, reflux.... and I bet there's more. Your body is giving you  messages that you're out of balance - let me help you listen.

I get You. I've been where you are.

How To Make Happy Hormones

Moody? Everybody (or somebody) is irritating you? Cravings? Puffy? Period too heavy/light/not at all? Do you feel your hormones are all over the place? Let's look at what might be going on for you -  the whole picture.


JB Wellness School

A 100% online 12-week holistic wellness program for busy people (like you!) to revamp your diet and reboot your body...without an ounce of overwhelm.

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Work 1:1 with Jackie

Do you want to feel amazing and get to the bottom of your issues once and for all?  I’d love to guide you. I’m a real food loving, kindness-preaching Functional Medicine Practitioner (and self-confessed Science nerd).

Buy practitioner grade supplements

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Drop 5 Pounds in 5 Days

This 100% online program will have you looking and feeling amazing in just 5 Days... even if you think you don't have time or won't be able to do it! This is a step  by step, get it DONE plan to a happier, healthier YOU.

"Jackie is always compassionate and understanding."

Jackie has been my practitioner for the last few months, nothing is ever too much trouble, always compassionate and understanding. Jackie’s knowledge is second to none. Although there is still some work to be done I know I am in good hands.


found a new lease on life

Yes, It Really Works!

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Jackie."

Jackie had been my practitioner for three years. She has stood by my side through gut issues to fertility problems and now planning to get pregnancy for baby number two. She is not only supportive and caring she is also always right in her protocols and I feel 100 % better once being on them. I can’t thankyou Jackie enough.


gut and fertility issues healed

"So this is for life now and I don’t plan on going back!"

I’ve lost about 3 kgs. I haven’t had a migraine in two weeks, not even a slight
headache (I used to get headache at least once a week). I’m finding it easier to get of bed in the morning and I don’t seem to need coffee as much


lost 3kgs

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On the Blog

Peek into my little black book of real-food recipes to help you look good and feel good.

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 I want to empower the people around me to be their happiest, healthiest and kindest selves - by using food and mindset as medicine.  

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