Money Saving Health Hacks

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The elephant in the room is that it costs more to buy better quality food. I prefer to look at things holistically rather than in individual silos. Consider the organic produce, or sustainable meat or eggs being used as ‘medicine’ for the body and it puts things in perspective. Less doctors visits, less exploratory scans etc. As a family we save thousands every year staying ‘well’ instead of becoming sick and needing drugs to get well again. Food for thought!

That said, there’s ways to be smarter - here’s some tips to start incorporating a healthier lifestyle.

1. Buy in bulk - hit up your local @thesourcebulkfoods , @terramadreorganics , @wholefoods or similar for all your essentials!

2. Let Farmers & Local markets become your best friends - @Prahranmarket or @vicmarket etc

3. #zerowaste - if there are veggies that are about to turn, make a batch of spagetti sauce, a delicious stirfry or wholesome curry! Of my fave is a frittata. Be creative. @zerowastehomehas some great tips on this topic she’s a guru!

I want to hear from you.. comment below your money saving health hacks we could all do with some 💗 @pinterest