Most of my clients choose my 3 month package, which includes 6 visits over 3-6 months. Here’s what to expect during a private consultation with me.

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I offer complimentary 15-minute phone consultations to decide if nutritional therapy is right for you. During this call I will let you know if I can help you achieve your goals and if we have a good connection. Following this, I will book you in for an initial consultation. Prior to meeting you in the consultation I will analyse your paperwork, to make the process more efficient.

This includes completing the following documents:
• Online Nutritional Assessment health questionnaire (20 min to complete)
• A 3-day food journal
• Confidential health history
• Legal disclaimer

Initial Consultation
I will ask you a lot of questions, to gather an objective view of your symptoms as a whole and start to uncover the root of your health issues. We will set some health goals, and I will provide you written recommendations (dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, nutrients) to follow at the end of the session.

Second ‘Evaluation’ Session
I will perform some assessments to determine the health of your organs and body at a cellular level. I have a number of different assessment methods that I use during this session, including:

Full Body Assessment  - including testing of all organs, blood pressure and pulse
• Advanced Muscle Testing  - incorporating kinesiology muscle testing helps bring the body back into balance
• Lab Testing – I like every client to have a comprehensive blood panel done, and recommend a comprehensive stool analysis. I also offer ALCAT food sensitivity testing and hormonal testing if required
• Follow up sessions where the organs and body is balanced as a whole

Throughout this process, I want you to feel supported and offer email and text support as needed. You are in control of how often you come, however consultations are usually 2 to 4 weeks apart, depending on the support you require and where you are in your health journey.

Beyond my 3 month private program, most clients choose to make an appointment when they feel their body is out of balance, or to maintain optimal health.


Scroll down to read testimonials from my gorgeous clients….

“Very lovely experience with Jackie who obviously knows and understands so much about nutrition and well being”

“I am reaping wonderful, amazing health benefits from your knowledge and positivity ..... thank you.” 

“Amazing ..... fabulous. I am so excited and happy to be on this journey with such kind, positive and knowledgeable support.”

“Jackie. Thanks for your encouragement and your wisdom. I feel a new energy supporting my journey.”

A friendly reminder that Jackie Bowkers's cancellation policy is 24 hours. Your cancellation notice must be received within business hours on a Monday to Friday, as this allows me to contact my wait list to offer them your appointment. If your cancellation is made outside of this window the full session fee will be charged as the appointment cannot be given to somebody else. I hope you understand.